Classic fashion style expresses a sense of stability and comfort. It has an impeccable tailoring and clean, straight lines. The timeless classic style focuses on simple elegance.

If you have this type of fashion, you are showing simple elegance in your wardrobe. Also called as “Sophisticated fashion“.

A classic fashion is a style that lasts for several seasons, sometimes even years, and its accepted by a wide range of people. Classic are those styles that you don’t even have to think about. You just know they will be acceptable from one year to the next.

“Who decides what is fashionable?” The answer to that question is simple: We decide what is fashionable. As consumers, we determine whether a style is accepted. If we wear a new design and it gathers popularity, it may become fashionable. If we leave it hanging on the rack at the department store, it will eventually go away.

To better understand how a new style becomes an accepted fashion we must know the difference between the terms ” classic” and “fad”.


A fad, trend, or craze is any form of collective behaviour that develops within a culture, a generation or social group of people enthusiastically follow an impulse for a short period

A simple black dress, a worsted wool suit, a leather bomber jacket – these are the classic fashion that repeat themselves year after year.

A fad, on the other hand, is a design that lasts only one season, or sometimes even less than a season. Fads tend to be at the extreme end of a design.

Chartreuse, a bright green-yellow colour, is a fad that raises its ugly head about every 10years but never quite makes it into the mainstream.

One reason fads come and go so quickly is they appeal to a very small number of people. There are only a few brave souls who can wear chartreuse and not like they are on their way to Halloween party.

Other fads from the past that never quite made it into general acceptance include platform shoes, leather pants and paper dresses.

A running shoes are a good example of a classic style. Even people who have no intention of ever running own running shoes. Granted, the details may change from one season to the next, but the basic design remains the same.

Dressing classy doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will take some time to meld your personal style with the new sophisticated way of dressing. Don’t automatically discount the clothing you already have in the closet. You may be to integrate items in ways you didn’t think possible.

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