Tomboy fashion style is one of the unique fashion which a girl who’s attributes, likes and dislikes resemble a boy. Some characteristics include dressing up like a boy, being tough, interest in gaming and other physical activities.

Tomboy tips consists mainly of button-up shirts and boat neck tops or jumpers. The button-up shirts is typical men’s attire and comes in such a wide range of colours and styles that finding your ideal one is easy.

Jeans are the traditional tomboy style of legwear. There is a style called ‘boyfriend‘ jeans which are very popular in teenage scenarios however, skinnies are also acceptable.

These can change a whole silhouette with minimal effort. Why not match tartan sneakers with a tartan shirt? Tartan is a beautiful pattern which can be easily pair with a plain blazer.

Long coats also seen frequently with tomboys. The perfect length for these is between the hip and knee. They too have a certain silhouette which adapts beautifully to the female figure and adds a touch of masculinity.

Dungarees is very helpful as they can wear to some occasions and look how nice it will style. If you are not into too much skin wear a cropped top. No makeup and no jewelry with white sneakers.

Here are some of the tips to look Tomboy:

These shirts must-have for your tomboy wardrobe and they can easily be pair with trousers, pants, jeans, or any other bottoms of your choice. Girls love to skate and to show their skills but also won’t comfortable with their clothes.

This sleeveless tank top with a white logo is good with Skin-tight leather pants: a flannel shirt to cover yourself up from the cold and a beanie for extra points. Contrasting shoes will be needed. Hence the white sneakers.

Gender can be weird thing to navigate for people who are looking for stylish inspiration. But don’t fit into traditional.

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