Cowgirl fashion style is an outstanding fashion which makes an adorable cowgirl fashion, It involves a lot of staples such as the hat in shades of pink or brown, blue jeans, leather belts, a pair of boots, and a button-up shirt.

Though this is something you won’t wear on regular days if you do you are sure to win a lot of fans.

Cowgirl attire is both practical and fashionable, blending touches of femininity, masculinity and down-home southern charm. Its an excuse to don our most costumey cowgirl clothes, layer fringe, over fringe, and wear cowboy hats unironically.



A.) Get a pair of bootcut, blue denim jeans. Alternatively you can wear cutoff denim shorts or a denim shirts.

B.) Wear a bottom-down shirts. These shirts can either be short-sleeved or long sleeved. For more casual look, wear a t-shirt.

  • Roll the sleeves at your button-down to your elbows.

C.) Find a western-style cowboy hat. This kind of hats comes in black, brown, tan and white.

  • If you don’t want to wear a hat, try a bandana that matches the colour of your button-up shirt. Keep the tied part on the side of your head, and tie it like a bow.

D.) Get a pair of cowboy boots. Traditionally, cowboy boots are made of leather, but are also available in faux-leather and exotic skins like alligator, snake, and buffalo. These boots also in a variety of toe styles: round toe, square toe, or pointed toe.

  • If you plan on wearing your boots in muddy or wet conditions, consider getting a pair with rubber soles.

E.) Wear your hair down in braids or a low ponytail.


A.) Tie a bandana around your neck. Traditional cowgirls or cowboys alike used to bandanas to absorb their sweat while working on the ranch. Nowadays, bandanas are mostly wore as a fashion statement.

  • Tie the bandana behind your neck so that the triangle part is facing your front.(only if you wore the cowgirl hat instead of the bandana)

B.) Wear a western-style belt. Cowgirl belts are usually made of brown leather, and have large silver, gold or turquoise buckles. For extra flare, find one with braided or medallion embellishments.

Stampede strings were installed to prevent the hat from being blown off when riding at speed. These long strings were usually made from leather or horsehair. Typically, the string was run half-way around the crown of a cowboy hair, and then through a hole on each side with its ends knotted and then secured under the chin or around the back of the head keeping the hat in place in windy conditions or when riding a horse.

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