Men’s fashion has got alot of changes throughout history. Once, it was pretty common for men to wear loincloths and not much else. At another time in history, men were tights. Men’s Fashion key evolves over time as new styles become popular and new clothing technologies are made available.

Clothing can be a symbol of status and wealth. Even in the earlier days, cavemen noticed who had the nicest animal pelts wrapped around them. The guy with the nicer pelt was more successful at his job – which, in those days was hunting and gathering – and commanded more respect around the cave.

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Men’s fashion key has been used to stand out and blend in. During the days of ancient Rome, men wore togas that were basically just fabric draped around their bodies.

FASHION always has some meaning, some message. What messages are you sending with your clothes? What does your style say about you?


Different men’s fashion styles have existed for a long time. Throughout history, different looks have become popular and then faded away so that new trends could come along. All of these different styles have their own inspirations and meanings, their own messages. All of these styles have own stories. Which of them will speak to you the most?

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The artsy look is all about being a little unique, thinking outside the box. This style is used to make a statement, tell the world a little something about who you are. This is a bold, colorful, vibrant style. Experiment and get creative. The artsy style is all about personal self-expression, so use your style to let your inner light shine.

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This is an unconventional style with bright and bold colors and exaggerated prints. The clothes and accessories will have unusual silhouettes in strange shapes. Mostly handcrafted accessories and handmade fabrics.

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